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Basic Safety and Navigation Practices PER

They are carried out in two departures of 8 hours / day. You will practice basic maneuvers such as anchoring, docking or steering the boat.

Extension practicesPER 

Sailing rating.

A 24-hour journey to Ibiza is made (weather permitting and not costing), in which you will practice sailing, day and night, guards and we cannot enter the port during practices.

Yacht Skipper Practices

A 24-hour journey is carried out in which the proper use of safety and fire-fighting material is studied, the routes will be prepared, the checks will be carried out before going out to sea, effective navigation guard shifts will be carried out, etc.

Captain Yatch Practices

An exit of at least 48 hours is carried out, of which at least 12 hours at night, in addition, the observation of stars (sun, moon and stars) will be practiced to obtain positioning through the use of the sextant. The guadia system is mandatory, even during the day and/or at anchor, it will be cooked on board, and we will navigate without references on land.

Sail 2 hours

2-hour outings are made near the port in which you will learn to board, correctly trim sails, steer, etc.


Live the experience and participate in regattas. You just need to feel like it and you will experience the emotion of the start, the tension and adrenaline and the satisfaction of passing the finish line.

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